Tuesday, January 1, 2019


I am in Amelia and Fernandina Beach fairly regularly and love trying the dining scene there.  I had been to Lagniappe once before, right after it opened, and it was not a stellar visit.  My husband and I had both heard great things about it, but we had perhaps an off night.  The service was a bit smug, and we both went with what their daily specials were - not a good move.  We actually couldn't stand the food - I had salmon prepared if I remember correctly in a Thai manner wrapped in leaves.  It was terrible. My husband went with a surf and turf, and the ribeye was all fat.  We barely touched our food.  The wine however was superb - a Domaine Delaporte Sancerre (my favorite actually).

SO - why am I writing this blog post you ask?  Well, we AGAIN, have been hearing how wonderful the restaurant is, and now my husband has someone who works for him who is friends with the owners and has said very nice things about them, and so we decided to give it a try again.

Well - we are glad we did!  I'm happy to report that we had a lovely evening there about a week ago.

4810 First Coast Highway
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

So first of all, Lagniappe is pronounced LAN-YAPP.  When you enter the restaurant, you a taken aback a bit, because it is a very inviting, modern, hip space (it's located by a Harris Teeter grocery store).  It's loud and crowded (both visits), and the bar is jammed.

But we were greeted with enthusiasm and shown to our seats (which also were markedly better than the last time as well).

We were determined not to order the specials, so we went with what was recommended and popular.

Tuna Tartare

This appetizer was out of this world.  Fresh tuna served atop crispy squares - loads of contrasting flavors.  We loved this dish!

My husband wanted a burger.  Sometimes it just is what you need/want after a lot of meals with long lists of ingredients.  This burger did not disappoint.  We both loved it.  Perfectly prepared to his liking.  The side of potato salad was a nice alternative to fries.

Double cheeseburger - Classically made.

I went with their cobb salad.  It's served with delicious fresh greens, and a lot of different ingredients than are usually in a cobb.  Loved the country ham and the okra and good pickles.  It was a beautifully prepared salad.

Country ham, roast turkey, bacon, blue cheese, green goddess dressing

We totally enjoyed our 2nd visit to Lagniappe!  We even had the same server as last time, and we liked him!  The food was the star though - we didn't get off the menu items, but what they do well, they do very well.

Excited to have another place to run to when I'm on the island.  It IS loud, so I can see that someone with hearing issues might struggle.  But the atmosphere is fun and at least this visit the food was fabulous.

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