Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At last - - - we visit King + Duke

So looking forward to stepping out to try Ford Fry's newest restaurant, King + Duke!


From their website:

"King + Duke, the latest chef-owned restaurant from Atlanta’s Ford Fry, offers a seasonal dining experience in the heart of Buckhead. A 24-foot open hearth is the restaurant’s centerpiece, and executive chef Joe Schafer’s passion for cooking over wood comes through in every dish. Named after characters in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, King + Duke nods to classic literature and American traditions. The locally sourced dishes harken back to the way food used to be prepared—cooking over fire is a primitive technique that lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Guests can watch their food being prepared over the fire in the main restaurant space, dine al fresco on the large patio, or host an event behind a hidden door in the private dining room.

Start with a cocktail and the warm Yorkshire pudding that’s served at every table, and move on to a coal-roasted onion soup or charred octopus salad. Then enjoy “The King,” a dry-aged, bone-in ribeye, or share a whole-roasted chicken for two. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the roasted bone marrow, or a Mississippi rabbit with liver toast. There are plenty of options for vegetable lovers, too:
wood-roasted artichokes, farm carrots and beets, grilled eggplant, and more.
The menu changes often, based on seasonal ingredients and the chef’s inspiration, so don’t be a stranger."

Menu changes daily but here's a sample, again from their website:

crispy, sticky, smoky WINGS … 7
DEVILED EGGS, virginia ham, pickled celery … 5
CRUDITÉ, whipped house ricotta, lemon … 5
BAYLEY HAZEN BLUE, pickled plums… 8
CANDIED LAMB BELLY, sheep’s milk feta, marinated cucumbers, warm flat breads … 11
COAL ROASTED ONION SOUP, pale ale, mahon, croutons, smoked marrow bone … 12
MAINE CRAB TOAST, thai basil, chile, mint … 16
LOCAL TOMATOES & MELON, burrata, tomato gelee … 13
LITTLE GEM SALAD, buttery croutons, blue cheese dressing … 10
CHARRED OCTOPUS SALAD, sugar snap peas, green olive, chorizo & lemon … 12
WOOD ROASTED FARM CARROTS & BEETS, sheep’s milk feta, harissa … 9
ROASTED BONE MARROW, smoked mushroom salad, short rib marmalade, toast … 15
SIMPLE SALAD, organic lettuces, shaved vegetables, vinaigrette … 8
Fish, Fowl,
and Farm.
“THE DUKE,” burger of house ground chuck & dry aged cuts, coal roasted onion, fries … 16
NORTH GEORGIA BROOK TROUT, “boy scout style,” spring vegetable salad, country ham, almonds … 24
HEARTH ROASTED FISH OF THE MOMENT, roasted sweet peppers, corn relish … A.Q.
ROAST PEKIN DUCK, crispy leg, spit roasted breast, red mustard greens, plums … 29
GUM CREEK PORK ROAST, braised spring vidalia, charred kale, local figs … 26
LAMB SADDLE CHOPS, crispy torn potato & herb salad, roasted olive, minted salsa verde … 28
HEARTH ROAST RATATOUILLE, farm egg, house mozzarella, toast … 18
BAR STEAK, coal grilled, fries … 22
MISSISSIPPI RABBIT, farro salad, rabbit liver toast … 26
BONE-IN NY STRIP, in-house dry aged, local sungolds … 49
MAINE LOBSTER WOOD ROAST, baby bok choy, garlic, chile … A.Q.
ROASTED SCALLOPS, caramelized endives, grapefruit … 27
For Two.
crusty bread salad, chicken drippings vinaigrette
(1 kilo) bone-in ribeye roasted marrow bones, sucrine lettuce salad
country ham, jalapeno butter
POT OF SOFT POLENTA, hearth roasted, mushrooms, duck jus … 6
ROASTED SWEET PEPPERS, preserved tomato, fried garlic … 6
GRILLED EGGPLANT, preserved tomato, pine nuts, mint …6
SNAP PEAS, house pancetta … 6
CRISPY TORN POTATO SALAD, smoky scallions, crème fraiche, egg …6
MUSHROOM “WOOD ROAST,” robiola … 12
GRILLED GEORGIA PEACHES, cow’s milk blue … 7
SMOKY OKRA STEW, carolina gold rice …6
STEWED LADY PEAS, pepper relish, creme fraiche … 7

The front of King + Duke
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
We were seated immediately upon entering the restaurant.  It was bustling on a Wednesday night.  Both the restaurant as well as the outside patio bar and inside bar areas were busy and loud.

We were greeted quickly by our waiter and their version of yorkshire pudding (YUM!) arrived with fresh butter:
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
After thinking it over we ordered a few cocktails.

THE YEARLING, Bulleit Bourbon, Art in the Age Rhubarb Tea, Florida strawberries, lemon … 12
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

CAPTAIN JACK’S ROSE, Captain Applejack, Bar Keep Baked Apple Bitters, lemon, housemade seasonal grenadine … 8
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
BLACK AND BROWN, Blackwell Rum, Watership Brown Ale, lime, velvet falernum … 10
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

I'll admit we didn't LOVE the drinks.  None of us are gin drinkers, so mixologists sometimes are narrow having only gin and whiskey offerings.  These were OK, but I wouldn't order any of these again.
We decided we HAD to try the deviled eggs.  And they might have been the best thing on the menu (and that's saying a lot!):
DEVILED EGGS, virginia ham, pickled celery … 5
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
Then onto the crab.  As you can see, we devoured it, and I forgot to snap a pic in time.  Get this appetizer!
MAINE CRAB TOAST, thai basil, chile, mint … 16

This burger is one of the best I've had in Atlanta (3rd only to the Pimento Cheese stuffed one at Antebellum and the unreal burger stack at Bocado).
“THE DUKE,” burger of house ground chuck & dry aged cuts, coal roasted onion, fries … 16

ROASTED SCALLOPS, caramelized endives, grapefruit … 27

This veggie dish was what sounded good to my daughter.  It was very hearty and actually visually appealing - unfortunately my photo does not do this dish justice.
HEARTH ROAST RATATOUILLE, farm egg, house mozzarella, toast … 18

They do a nice version of trout.
NORTH GEORGIA BROOK TROUT, “boy scout style,” spring vegetable salad, country ham, almonds … 24

The only sad note of the evening was that we didn't care for our bottle of Sancerre (my favorite choice). We probably should have sent it back, but that's our fault.
And, we couldn't resist the toffee bread pudding - but we ate it before we could take a picture.  Really really good....

It was a fabulous meal with outstanding service - we'll be back....Ford Fry did his magic yet again!