Sunday, April 14, 2013


We're headed to Rathbun's this Thursday night for dinner with another couple.

112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone:(404) 524-8280

Zagat reviews:
Chef-owner Kevin Rathbun's flagship property, this "innovative" Inman Park American is "always spot-on" for "brilliant" dining, "whether you get a few large plates or a million small ones"; the "cool" warehouse setting and "outstanding" service lure a "lively" crowd of "celebrities" and "influential Atlanta natives", and if it gets too "loud", the patio is a "quieter" alternative; wherever you sit, however, the tabs are "quite pricey."

Housemade Pasta of the Day                       
YaYa’s Eggplant Steak Fries, 10x Sugar             
Edamame Pot Stickers, Mushroom Soy                                                          
Panang Curry Chicken Tenderloins   Crisp Tofu
Pan Fried Kefalotiri CheeseLemon, E.V.O.O.
Flash Fried Oysters, Tabasco Tartar Sauce
emon Pickled Celery Salad
Blue Hill Bay Mussels, FoccaciaSmoked Garlic Butter
Roasted Pork Belly TacosOrange Hoisin, Cilantro                          
Roasted Bone Marrow, Maldon Salt Grilled Ciabatta & House Preserves                          
Lamb ScallopiniPancetta, Goat Gouda
Smoked Prosciutto Flatbread, Local ChevreCaramelized Onion, Pink Peppercorn Honey
Char Grilled Octopus, Confit Spring Potato  Limoncello Vinaigrette
Romaine Heart Salad with Gruyere Cheese        
Greek Wedge, Cucumbers, Sweet Peppers  Feta Cheese & Toasted Oregano Vinaigrette         
Roasted Baby Beets, Humboldt FogDijon Honey, Almonds            
*Thai Rare Beef & Red Onion Salad            
*Thin & Raw Heart of Ribeye               Smoked Salt, Truffle Mustard Aioli
Hot Smoked Salmon Tostadas              Habanero Crème Fraiche               
Arctic Char Gravlax, Fennel Pecan Salad      
SOUPStove Works Evening Soup                              Mock Turtle Soup with Dry Sack Sherry              
Roasted Acorn Squash Soup                           Apple, Aged Balsamic
Whole Market Fish                                         
Molasses-Black Pepper BBQ Chicken           Creamy Mashed Potatoes                                    
Georgia Shrimp, Smoked Ricotta Gnudi         Preserved Tomato-Garlic ButterPorcini Dusted Lemon Sole     Baby Carrots, Cipollini-Tarragon Vinaigrette  Niman Ranch Double Bone Pork Chop       Corn Bread Pudding, Morita Chile                                     Sunburst Farms Trout                                Pac Choi, Soy Reduction          
Sea Scallop Benedict on Country Ham Grits    
Asparagus & Spiced HollandaiseRosemary Basted Flat Iron Steak Heart of Palm, Arugula & Lemon Oil                                                          Crispy Duck Breast with Thai Risotto    Green Curry Essence                                     Sorghum Glazed Arctic CharFall Squash, Mustard Greens & Mushrooms    
Beef Short Rib²
, Chianti BraisedAgnolotti, Saba

Maine Lobster & Roasted Green Chile Soft Taco 
Cascabel Cream, Tomatillo Pico                
Elk Chop, Blueberry Demi                      Foraged Mushroom-Goat Cheese PolentaCenter Cut 8 oz Beef Filet                  Brown Butter Jus                                                Two Double Bone Lamb Chops, Aged Balsamic  Iron Skillet Wild Mushrooms18 oz Bone-In Ribeye               
Warm Point Reyes Blue Cheese Vinaigrette         

Vermont Sweet Butter Mashed Potatoes            
Brown Butter Cauliflower Mash
Pac Choi, Soy Reduction
Country Ham Grits
Charred Corn & Gouda Cheese
Brussel Sprouts, Comte Swiss, Saba
Winter Squash, Mustard Greens, Sorghum
Hand Cut French Fries, Blue Cheese Fondue

We arrived at Rathbun's hungry and ready for a great meal.  We quickly valeted our car and entered.                                  
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
Heading in to Rathbun's with our friends.
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
Fun artwork!
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
The view of the dining room from our table
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
 The chef sent out a starter - a small dish of Halibut with spinach - delish!
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
We were seated at the "Chef's Table" so had a bird's eye view of the kitchen
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

We ordered drinks and were ready for a fun evening.
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
I went with an Arkansas Tweak and my husband ordered a Dark and Stormy.  Not sure I would order either again however.  The Arkansas had a taste that was somewhat offputting - licorice or something?  And my husband's Dark and Stormy just wasn't as smooth as ones we've had in the past.  Probably should have gone with a great bottle of wine.  Here's a quick pic of the Arkansas Tweak (once I remembered to take a picture):

We had fried eggplant fries and calamari and this pork belly appetizer.
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
 The appetizers were delicious, but we were hungry and scarfed down most everything before remembering to take a picture.  You'll just have to take our word for it that all were great.
Here's a picture from Yelp of the eggplant fries:
Photo Credit: yelp
A great salad with goat cheese and fresh strawberries.
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
And here's another salad we ordered.  Again, good, although the picture isn't so good. ;0(

Fried cod in a panang sauce 
(I didn't want rice, so they happily substituted with a corn, pea and okra succotash) 
This dish was great!  The cod was cooked perfectly, and although I would have liked more of a "panang" flavor, I can't complain since I asked for the succotash substitution.  It was delish!
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
 Sea scallops benedict with country ham grits
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
Panang cod over rice
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
One of our friends ordered this dish - scallops with a pea pesto and risotto.  She loved it!
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
We truly enjoyed ourselves at Rathbun's.  I had read prior to going that it was loud, and that was true.  My mother, who is a bit hard of hearing, would have really struggled here.  But it was packed on a Thursday night, and it really has a fun atmosphere.  Our server, Bridgette, was fantastic.  I would definitely recommend the restaurant and want to try Krog Bar and Rathbun's Steak which I've heard great things about.