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Decatur's Gem: No. 246

Photo Credit: No. 246
Wow!  Another Ford Fry hit!

We decided to try the "Italian Inspired" No. 246 in Decatur on New Year's Eve.  What a perfect place to start the evening!
No. 246
129 East Ponce De Leon Avenue 
Decatur, GA 30030
(678) 399-8246

Ford Fry is the owner/executive chef of JCT. Kitchen & Bar and The Optimist.  Chef Drew Belline, previously the chef de cuisine at Floataway Café, partnered with Ford Fry to open No. 246 in Decatur.
Their website states that the name No. 246 reflects the original name of the plot of land on which the restaurant sits, dating back to the early 1900s.

Photo Credit: No. 246
We parked on the street and had a short walk to the restaurant.  Upon entering we were warmly greeted by the hostesses and seated immediately.

We were seated at a table that was in the bar area of the restaurant where there were maybe 8 other tables.  There is also a main dining room adjacent to this one, but it's pretty much all open, and it may have been a tad quieter where we were seated.  The space is small, but it doesn't feel cramped - just intimate.

Here's a view of the main dining area where diners can see the open kitchen.
Photo Credit: No. 246
The bar area offers seating for dining as well:

The New Year's Eve menu:

The menu for NYE was a fixed one.  We just needed to choose one course #2,#3 and #4.  Both of the first course starters were included. ***I've included a copy of their regular menu at the bottom of this blog.

Bread and olive oil with olives was presented beautifully.

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
We began with drinks, and they didn't disappoint.

We went with a 246 Nye's Punch and a Pimm's Cup, For the Holidays.  Both were delicious!

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
The first course was two appetizers.  One was served in a paper cone and was a fried mushroom concoction topped with freshly shredded cheese.  It was out of this world!  The second was a cauliflower panna cotta that sounds odd, but it too was fabulous.  They were small portions, and unfortunately we inhaled them before I could remember to snap a pic, but trust me, they left us wanting more for sure!

For the second course we selected a bay scallop carpaccio, a salad with persimmons, beets and pistachios, and 5 oysters with prosecco mignionette. We liked them all, but the oysters were the hit.

The scallops were cold and in an unusual sauce.  My husband and I loved them, but my daughter wasn't too keen on them.

Next up was the salad.  It was quite good, and a nice light course prior to the main entree.

The oysters were just right.  They were the right size (for me), and they were topped with a mignionette that was just delish!  I'd order them every day if I could!

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
Next up was the main course - we chose the following:  lobster with blood orange, tarragon on a bed of arugula, squash and pecon casonelli pasta with sage and a brown butter sauce and wagyu short ribs with gnocchi and turnips.

The lobster was served as a cold salad.  It was very good, but it was my husband's choice, and I think he would have preferred something more substantial.

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
The pasta course was fabulous.  How can you go wrong with anything that is served with a brown butter sauce though?  We all loved it.

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

My choice with the short ribs was the favorite.  It was perfectly prepared, and it tasted so good on a cold last day of December night in Atlanta.  The gnocchi was devine and the turnips were a nice non-rich addition to the dish.
Photo Credit: Cate Bogue
The final course was the dessert course naturally.  All three were good, not great.  There were 3 options, and since there were 3 of us, we went with one of each and shared. They were: a brie and white chocolate cheesecake with pears, semolina budino with ricotta whipped cream, and a pinenut tart with whipped chocolate ganache.

It was a lovely dining experience, and we had a fantastic server.  She was so good that the table next to us felt the need to tap us on the shoulder to let us know that she was the best waiter that they've ever had.

Not sure that the best time to judge a restaurant is on New Year's Eve however?  The meal felt a bit rushed, as dishes were cleared very very quickly and then the next course was immediately in front of us.  But the atmosphere is hip and fun, and the food was wonderful.  We will be heading back and ordering off of their main menu soon - especially wanting some great Italian twists that weren't available on this night.

***Here's a recent menu selection on a regular (non-NYE) evening:


TWO/$5   FOUR/$9   SIX/$13
1. local roasted small tomatoes, house-made ricotta
2. pork rillettes, whole grain mustard, beet pickled farm eggs, parsley
3. butternut squash, house ricotta, evoo
4. cannelini bean, parmesan, evoo
5. roasted local peppers, anchovy vinaigrette, pinenuts
6. sweet potato, sliced chestnuts


— CHEESE $5 —
1. beemster, goat’s milk, holland
2. landaff, cow’s milk, vermont
3. taleggio, cow’s milk, italy
4. bayley hazen blue, cow’s milk, vermont
1. pine street market saucisson sec
2. la quercia prosciutto
3. pine street market petit paprika salami
4. pine street market kielbasa
To Start
house salad, local greens, olives, tomatoes, red onion, pepperoncini, feta, oregano vinaigrette  9
local african squash soup, dried local apples, sage, evoo  6
mercier orchard apples, radicchio, arugula, candied pecans, cheddar, balsamic 10
fried okra, goat cheese vinaigrette, evoo, chives  7
no. 246 meatball, san marzano, basil, parmesan 5 ea.


SPAGHETTI / georgia white shrimp, garlic, pequin chilies, breadcrumbs  19.
CANNELLONI / al forno, bolognese bianco, house ricotta, grana  18.
AGNOLOTTI / roasted pumpkin, mascarpone, brown butter, sage   19.
GNOCCHI/ spicy pork meatballs, roasted wild mushrooms, garlic, grana  18.
CHESTNUT TAGLIATELLE/ braised duck leg, michigan cherries, fresh chestnuts 24.
MARGHERITA / san marzano, mozzarella, basil 12.
MUSHROOM PIE / san marzano, mozzarella, parmesan  15.
MEAT LOVER’S /fennel sausage, prosciutto, crispy bacon, san marzano, mozzarella, basil, calabrian chilies, garlic 16.
SALUMI/ pepperoncini, feta, salami, tomato, red onion  16.
FLOUNDER/ local braised greens, toasted farro, lemon, toasted garlic 24.
CHICKEN / wood oven roasted, sherry bacon vinaigrette, brussel sprouts, apples 18.
FLATIRON STEAK / wagyu, local autumn root vegetables, veal jus  26.
PORK SHOULDER/ braised, olives, apricots, local peppers, polenta, parsley  18.
CHICKEN SCALLOPINI/ tagliatelle, brown butter, fried capers, garlic toast, parsley 36.
local greens, garlic, lemon
brussels sprouts, turnip, thyme
wood fired fingerling potatoes, bacon, cream

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