Tuesday, July 28, 2015

THE BUTCHER THE BAKER---our trip to Marietta!

We are so looking forward to visiting old friends for the weekend in Marietta. The highlight of our trip will be an OTP (outside the Perimeter) dinner at THE BUTCHER THE BAKER!

23 N Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060
Phone:(678) 224-1599

According to their website, "The Butcher The Baker is a locally owned farm to table restaurant bringing a new dining experience to the Marietta Square. Everything on the menu is house made, and we depend entirely on our local farmers to provide the freshest tastes of the season." The menu changes very frequently. And they are closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Our friends live within walking distance to the square, so we're looking forward to being able to just saunter over for our meal.  A sample menu:

Snack and Share
chicken liver pâté, apple cider gelee, toast
scotch egg, turnip purée, pepper jelly
scallop, couscous, lemon marmalade
braised chicken fritter, bourbon mustard, pickled mustard seed
cheese plate: caly road waypoint, jasper hill baley hazen blue, sweet grass dairy Thomasville tomme
fried pork belly, coke gastrique, logan turnpike mill cheddar grits 5th kingdom mushroom, caly road chèvre fritter, parsley pesto tucker farms mixed greens, candied pecans, pickled baby vidalia, clementine vin, caly road bit o’ blue
charcuterie board: rosemary sausage, pate campagne, tasso, pickles, mustard, toast

Belly Up
beef tartar, bourbon mustard, caper
orecchiette, fava bean, caly road feta
s, shallots, focaccia crisps 
bahn mi, pork belly, house steam bun, pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro
springer mountain chicken, sweet and sour cabbage, yellow foot mushroom, chicken demi
bramlett farm trout, ham broth, green garlic risotto, fava beans, pickled clementine
roasted strip, sunchoke puree, roasted sunchoke, brussel greens pork loin, potato dumpling, house bacon, flat leaf kale
pappardelle, oyster mushroom, hakerui turnips and their greens, poached egg charred vadalia, onion jam

Save Room 
chocolate & salted caramel terrine,
marcona almond 7 brown butter tart, grapefruit ambrosia 6 
fried strawberry pie, pickled strawberries, vanilla ice cream 6 
yogurt panna cotta, white pepper honey, pecan streusel 6


So we strolled over to The Butcher The Baker on a beautiful summer night.  We had a bit of a wait (~ 5 minutes) before being seated.  The place was packed.  The decor is casual - exposed ceilings, antiques such as old tobacco baskets adorn  the walls.  You are immediately at ease in the place.

Our server came over immediately (Jace) and was fantastic - very knowledgable and friendly without being in our way all night.

Here's the menu we viewed that night:



We started with cocktails.

Texas Two Towns
A couple of us went with this drink - made with beer and vodka!  It was delicious - just the right amount of sweetness.  Only complaint - I had to add ice immediately - it wasn't cold enough when presented. And I think coming out of the shaker, it should be server up, in a chilled martini style glass, not in an old fashioned glass.
My friend ordered this drink (which I was told by our server was sweet), and we all loved it!  It was on the sweet side but not too sweet.  The blueberry flavor with the Tito's Vodka and Amaretto was outstanding. It was very refreshing and a perfect drink for the 90+ degree temps outside.

And one in our group got a Dirty Martini:

Sunberry point oysters, red wine mignonette, house made crackers

These oysters were so yummy that I ordered them as my main course afterward.  The mignonette was sublime - heavy on the shallots. LOVED! My picture wasn't the best here, but trust me - the oysters were devine!

And this is a poor picture, but at least you can see the delicious house made crackers:

 Charcuterie board (pate, harissa bologna, fennel sausage) spicy pickles, sourdough
We all loved the charcuterie selections.  Note: I would have liked one item of meat that wasn't a composite (such as a prosciutto or capicola), but all the ones we sampled were very good.  The mustard seed and honey mustard additions were great too.

PORK BELLY, creamed kale, green tomato chow chow
All I can say about this dish is "OMG!" It was just sick good.  The pork belly was rich and delicious, but that creamed kale was ridiculously good.  We wouldn't (ok, it was ME) let Jace (our server) take the cast iron skillet away until we (ok, I) soaked up more of the sauce with the leftover sourdough crostini.  YOU MUST GET THIS DISH! 

Rolls and biscuits with fresh butter

bramlett farms trout, corn+puree, arugula, cherry bomb pepper
This trout was terrific!  I'm not a trout lover normally, but this fish was so flavorful.  Loved the combination of flavors!
Brasstown coulotte (Sirloin), vidalia onions, swiss chard, mushrooms, gnocchi, green tomato jam
And 2 of us got the sirloin.  This dish was amazing.  Best sirloin I've ever tasted.  And it wasn't a huge portion (6 oz), so we weren't over stuffed after enjoying the above appetizers. The only thing I didn't love was the green tomato jam.  I love tomato jam and have made it many times myself, but in this dish, to me, it was too sweet.

Sadly, we just couldn't bring ourselves to eat another bite after dinner.  The desserts just looked crazy good though.  I WOULD have ordered the cherry tomato tart tatin with reduced balsamic, cream cheese frosting and balsamic ice cream.  But there's always next time....

A final pic with our friends (and their stunningly beautiful back yard), just as we left their home to walk to dinner:

We had such an enjoyable time reconnecting with our old friends at The Butcher The Baker!  Can't wait to go back and try more!!!