Saturday, March 19, 2016


475 Bill Kennedy Way
Atlanta GA 30315

After hearing raving reviews about The Shed from a good friend (Denise), we decided to meet some old friends there for dinner.  It was a Friday night, and we live in the 'burbs, so getting to the restaurant is a fairly arduous journey.  The Shed is located in Glenwood Park which is basically in the Grant Park area of Atlanta.

We finally made it (10 minutes late) and parked easily right next to the building and went in to meet our friends.  We were quickly greeted by our server (Rick) who took our drink orders.  And there was a bowl of good popcorn to nosh on which was very welcoming after sitting in our car for so long.

 Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the recent "libation"menu, but my drink was outstanding - a concoction of St Germain and vodka and lime, called Juniper something.  I'd get it again (and again!).
 My husband got a Dark and Stormy that was fantastic!
And our friends ordered an Old Fashioned and a champagne/gin concoction and both said they were great (and much needed after 1 1/2 hours in Atlanta traffic!).

While we were catching up and perusing the dinner menu, Rick brought out a gift (amuse-bouche) for each of us - a small cup to sip some delicious tomato basil soup:
 Last night's dinner menu:

While we were talking, we decided to start off with a couple of appetizers.  First up: Pimento Cheese, club crackers and veggies.  It was very good and we scarfed it up - loved those crackers!

 We also sampled the Smoked Mackerel Toast with horseradish, pickled beets, dill, celery and orange.  It was good, but it was a bit hard to eat.  Not sure it was the perfect appetizer to split 4 ways?  But it was very tasty and visually appealing.

And on Friday and Saturday nights they advertise:
 Enjoy Our $20 "Buy the Bottle" Wine List Every
Friday And Saturday Night!
So naturally we HAD to sample some of their great wines. This red was particularly delish!

Finally we got to the main courses - the flank steak was great!  Bistro steak, aged cheddar grits, charred broccoli, spring onion, and smoked mushroom.  The dish was great - perfectly cooked steak and the rich grits complimented the appropriately cooked veggies and beef.

 I went with our server's recommendation - the Lobster Cobb salad.  The picture doesn't really do it justice - it was beautifully presented and was a huge salad. I liked it, but I didn't love it.  The romaine wasn't chopped up so it was precarious to have to cut it up in a dark restaurant in a salad bowl. And I needed salt for the egg, tomato and avocado.  But the dressing was good.  Just not sure I'd order this dish again.
And 2 of our group went with the burger.  Wow - perfectly cooked and wonderful.  THIS dish I'd get again and I'd recommend to anyone.  So so good! SHED burger: dry aged beef, poblano cheese, and the key ingredient - - - bacon jam!  To die for!
 A quick pic of our group of four:

 We had a ball at Shed, and I'd go again (but on a Saturday or a Sunday!).  The food was very good and it's a fun, casual, and unpretentious atmosphere.  The service was very good; drinks were outstanding and food was well prepared.  We had a ball! I hear the brunch is outstanding - we may just have to "travel" back and sample that...