Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hard to SERPAS this meal!!!

I'm excited to try a restaurant that I've been wanting to try for some time.  SERPAS TRUE FOOD is owned by the son-in-law of a friend of ours and is located in downtown Atlanta in a revitalized area called the "Old Fourth Ward" and is pronounced "surpass."

659 Auburn Avenue, #501, Studioplex, Atlanta, GA 30312. Phone - 404-688-0040.

The restaurant is located in a building called "The Pavilion at StudioPlex" that houses multiple art galleries.

Once you drive in to the parking lot, there are valets waiting, and it's just a short walk to the restaurant's front door.

Photo Credit: Serpas True Food

 Inside it has an industrial chic eclectic feel - unfinished ceilings, warehouse feel with very cool lighting and minimal rustic decor.

Our server arrived immediately, and we ordered a specialty drink from their lauded mixologist.  We started with 2 SAYONARAS!  They were refreshingly delicious!
Sayonara:  Cathead vodka, ruby red grapefruit, lime, agave nectar, Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

There's also an interesting wine list:

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

We then immediately plowed into the appetizer menu.  Everything sounded tantalizing, but we chose
these two:

House Smoked Salmon Chips: Housemade huge potato chips, smeared with chipotle cream cheese and topped with some of the best salmon I've tasted.  Sprinkled gingerly with red onion and capers.


Bacon Wrapped Mission Figs: bacon wrapped around goat cheese stuffed figs set atop a bed of pecans and arugula

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

Salmon appetizer:

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

This appetizer was so good we even talked about getting a "to-go" order to take with us for brunch the next day.  Unreal.

The Mission Figs:

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

These little gems were devine - Sweet figs stuffed with creamy goat cheese wrapped in good salty bacon with the tart arugula.  A flavor explosion!

While we were enjoying our delicacies, we asked our server if the owner/chef, Scot Serpas, was in, and he was, and he quickly was summoned to our table.  He was personable and knowledgeable. He is known for his "honest approach to Southern food with Louisiana flair."  Past stints in Atlanta have been working as Executive Chef under Kevin Rathbun, Nava, Two Urban Licks and Sia's (in Duluth).

Photo Credit: Serpas True Food
After meeting with Scot we were even more excited to delve into the main course!

Here's what we chose:

Jumbo sea scallops atop creamy fresh corn, forest mushrooms and panang curry

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

I don't usually order scallops (after having bad ones years ago - don't ask...) but these came HIGHLY recommended, and I LOVE panang curry, so I went with them.  Sooooo glad I did!  They were delicately prepared and tender, not chewy, and the creamed corn and mushroom sauce was to die for!

Veal Porterhouse:
Veal chop over blue cheese potato gratin over tiny green beans and shiitake mushrooms

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue

We were struggling between this dish and their pork chop, but we decided on the veal.  Even though the presentation was a bit Fred Flintstone-ish - it was delish!  Very tender, and it was prepared just past medium, as ordered.  The blue cheese potato gratin was so well done - I'd order it every time!

The dessert menu looked amazing, but after all this amazing food, we were stuffed, and decided we'd enjoy another drink instead.  We were having so much fun at Serpas that we didn't want the evening to come to an end!

However, if we WERE to get dessert, it would have been:

Georgia Peach Bread Pudding amaretto sauce - - - now how good does THAT sound?

Here's what drinks we went with:

Fields of Gold: Domaine de Canton, Cynar, Lemongrass infused  (it was a lemondrop martini sort of - without the yucky too sweet factor).  Pictured below in the high martini glass.

Photo Credit: Cate Bogue


Spring in the East Village (pictured above in the highball glass):
Old Overholt Rye, Bacardi Silver, Creme Yvette, Peychaud's Bitters

All in all it was a wonderful evening of dining - great food, fun atmosphere, a caring and careful chef.  What more could you ask for?  And yes, we WILL be back...

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