Monday, September 16, 2019


The occasion: my husband's birthday

The date: September 2019

We wanted to try a new restaurant for my husband's birthday, and all were so excited to go to try Redbird!

1198 Howell Mill Road,
Atlanta, GA 30318

Located on Howell Mill where the old Bacchanalia used to be, it's owned and operated by (formerly at Watershed) Chef Zeb Stevenson and Ross Jones.  Their philosophy (in their words) is “free spirited cuisine, a thoughtful and open-hearted way of cooking where anything is possible. It is based on instinct, integrity and staying loyal to using only the best ingredients...let the ingredients drive the cooking, use great technique and keep things simple."

We were very much looking forward to trying Redbird!  A photo with birthday boy:

Entering Redbird's front door:

We entered the restaurant and were immediately warmly greeted by a hostess.  She walked us to our table, and we were presented with the day's menu:
 The tableware:
 We started with a few small plates.  The chickpea flatbread topped with hummus - we liked but didn't love this dish.  The flatbread had an odd texture, and it became soggy quickly.  The hummus was very good though.

The heirloom tomatoes to share: = we all enjoyed this dish.  I'm a devotee (obsessed really) of heirloom tomatoes, so we had to get this one.  But the flavors were very good and all tasted very fresh.  I did have to add salt however.
 Chicken liver mousse with a mustard and jam accompaniment - we all loved this appetizer.  Again, the mousse needed a bit of salt added in my opinion, but it was yummy!

Mussels with homemade potato chips - these were good too!  The mussels were well prepared and the broth that they came in was delish - only issue was that we wanted bread to soak up the broth!
 Bad pic, but these were spicy almonds:
 We all enjoyed the appetizers and finally decided on entrees and sides.  The grilled okra over buttermilk with crispy shallots was a hit:
 I shared my entree with my daughter - delicious shrimp with grilled bread to sop up the yummy broth:
 Swiss chard and mushrooms were to die for:
Roasted chicken legs with olives, lemon and garlic sauce were fantastic:

 My son in law's butcher steak in a black pepper steak sauce was (he said) very very good:

Dessert was a decadent chocolate mousse pie topped with fresh blueberries.  It was fabulous!

 Happy husband and Dad!
And they presented us with a gift for the birthday boy - a pie that tasted like creme brûlée - so so good!

We all had a fabulous evening!

Redbird was a very fun dining experience.  The atmosphere is fun and casual - industrial chic.  It was very loud due to the crowds and high ceilings, but it wasn't oppressive.  Our server was knowledgable and attentive.  And the food was fresh and good.